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Laminated Finished Console

A Spacious Cabinet With Sliding Shutter and Shelf Storage.

Price ₹14,000

Console With Sliding shutter

A spacious cabinet with Sliding shutter and shelf storage

Price ₹15,000

Traditional Console

Console in dark walnut finish made from laminte with commerical board.

Price ₹12,000

Modern console in ducco & teak

Console in laminate with ducco finish made from commerical board.

Price ₹16,000

Modern futuristic style Console

With its sleek, modern futuristic style, Chest of Drawers adds flair and utility to your home.

Price ₹15,000

Console Cabinet

A spacious cabinet and two sliding shutter, this large sideboard has plenty of storage space for appliances, table linen, crockery, and more.

Price ₹15,500

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