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Modern Kitchen

About us

Thinking about renovating your kitchen? Your kitchen will win your heart, we promise.

Intent Interior offers comprehensive kitchen renovation solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you need a fresh kitchen design, basic installation, or a complete package, we are here to help..


Intent Interior offers a one-stop solution for turning your kitchen dreams into reality. From expert guidance and design inspiration to detailed assembly and installation instructions, we've got you covered. Our dedicated team at Intent Interior is committed to going above and beyond for you, making us the top choice for modular kitchen services in Chandigarh.

Carpenter Craving in Wood

Friendly & skilled workers

All of the work performed by our team of skilled

craftsmen is of the greatest caliber. Moreover, our

managers oversee the quality of each project, ensuring

that work is completed to a high degree at each stage.

We aim to build the best modular kitchens in Chandigarh.

Interior Designing

Eco friendly kitchen


We are devoted to giving the greatest service

possible to our consumers, and we take pleasure in creating work of the highest quality utilizing the

finest and eco-friendly materials.

Accounting Tasks

Get a personal estimate

From the earliest planning phases through the design

and installation of your ideal kitchen, our staff will be

there to answer any questions and guarantee that the

project is done on time, to your total satisfaction and

will also help with a personal estimate.


Your Kitchen - the Way You Want!

Custom Built cabinets.

Need expert assistance for the best modular kitchens in Chandigarh?. We are here to assist you from the beginning to the end of the installation process.

Interior Designing
Modern Kitchen
Reviewing Proposal

Our Working Process

At Intent Interior, we take great satisfaction in designing beautiful Modular Kitchens in Chandigarh that provide practical solutions for various types of households.

Serious Conversation
Cleaning the Counter

01 / Design consultation

We begin the process by listening to your preferences, requirements, expectations, and financial constraints before creating visuals of how we can turn your kitchen into a space you'll adore.

02 / Pick your style

Think about your home's aesthetics and what goes well with them while deciding on your style. Need assistance? Not to worry, our experts will provide you with the best modular kitchen services in Chandigarh.

03 / Kitchen installation

We'll provide a quote assuming that you are satisfied with the design and the quality of the job. If everything goes according to plan, we'll then decide on a start date for the kitchen installation project and a work schedule.

04 / Kitchen clean-up

Our team of fully-qualified craftsmen approaches each project with the highest attention and competence. You can be confident that your home will not be left in a state of disorder after the completion of the renovation, and we will keep you informed of the project's progress at all times.


Get The Best Price For All Types Of Modular Kitchen Design & Wardrobe.
Choose The Best Kitchen Type And Design As Per Your Choice With Star Kitchens & Interiors.

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intent_interior_l_shape Kitchen.jpg
intent_interior_g_shape Kitchen.jpg
intent_interior_inline_shape Kitchen.jpg
intent_interior_italian_shape Kitchen.jpg


A U-shaped kitchen design features three walls lined with cabinets and appliances. It's an efficient design that saves floor space.


The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most efficient layouts for modern kitchens. L-shaped Kitchens are a great way to organize your space and make it easy


As the name suggests, G shaped kitchenshave four sides resembling the letter 'G.'It's very similar to U-shaped kitchens,except there is usually a fourth dimensionthat adds extra countertop or dining space.

Inline kitchen

Parallel kitchens are a classic design that
consists of two walls and a passageway. It ispacked with wall cabinets and base cabinets on each side. This layout is easy 
to design, as there isn't enough space for corner cabinets


A kitchen island is a unit that can be
freestanding and used to enhance the functionality and appearance of your cooking space. Traditional units are rectangular, with one section being used as a breakfast counter.

White Grey Kitchen


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